Visitor Verdict

Low cost visitor experience benchmarking service for visitor attractions

Discover who visits your attraction(s), why they are there, what they do on their visit and what they think of their experience.

View the latest results at any time via the easy-to-use online system that updates results in real-time.

Benchmark your results against attractions that are similar to your own in reports tailored to your attraction.

Visitor Verdict has been developed using best practice from the ALVA Visitor Experience Benchmarking Survey. It can help you to measure the visitor experience at your attraction, inform marketing messages, prioritise improvements, inform pricing decisions, guide staff training, attract and retain sponsors/funders and contribute to accreditation requirements.

The process is a simple one and our team will provide you with start-up guidelines and ongoing support. Step 1: Collect visitor email addresses. Step 2: Upload email addresses to the online system. Step 3: Survey invitations are sent automatically. Step 4: View results privately online.

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