Who we are

BDRC Asia is part of the BDRC Group, the global market research agency. As the Asian headquarters, we have offices in Singapore, Jakarta, Beijing, and Sydney.

We help clients manage risk in market entry and product development by better understanding markets, customers and the competitive landscape. We obtain up-to-date information on markets through quality survey based research.  We then convert this research into simple but insightful reports and presentations that help clients find their opportunities in Asia’s complex but rapidly growing markets.

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All our clients face challenges which can be addressed by market research consultancy – customers & audience, product development, branding, market entry and more. You need to work with people who know their stuff and can cut through the data to give you meaningful solutions.



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Syndicated Products

BDRC has a range of products ‘off the shelf’, offering an economic approach to research. These let you buy in to existing products, leveraging the benefits of sharing the costs of research with other syndicate members. Select them below, read on and then contact us to discuss your research needs.

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